In addition to producing professional dance performances with unique and creative dancers, REVolutions Dance is strongly committed to conducting education programs that promote diversity in the arts and help connect children to their unique and individual abilities while creating confident, successful students.  REVolutions Dance fulfills this commitment in a variety of ways.

 REVolutions Dance in your schools  Our “Dance and Diversity” workshops allow us to visit schools and other similar venues where we help students with and without disabilities work together to create unique creative experiences that open the doors to understanding, equality and mutual respect.   Dance and Diversity workshops can be conducted as a one-time visit to a school or as a full length residency, culminating in a performance by the students we work with.

REVolutions Dance in our studio   Our weekly RevKids and RevTeens are for children and teenagers of all abilities and are held every Saturday morning.  Each class is taught using the same format and techniques used in typical dance classes with an emphasis on adapting the structure of the technique to accommodate each student’s unique and individual way of moving and means of self-expression.   We are located at “Hope U Dance” dance studio, 255 Forest Lakes Blvd., Oldsmar Fl, 35677. 

REVolutions Dance on stage REVolutions Dance has a professional performing company that conducts full length dance concerts that include professional dancers with disabilities as well as dancers without disabilities.